Come il microbioma intestinale influenza la pressione sanguigna. Influence of diet on gut microbiota and blood pressure.

Interessante articolo sull’influenza del microbioma intestinale sulla pressione del sangue.
Il microbioma inizia ad essere inteso come un ‘organo’ dell’individuo che non può essere compreso se non in ‘relazione’ con tutti gli altri organi e metabolismi.
Ciò che mangiamo, nel senso della sua qualità e sppecificità, è fondamentale per il mantenimanto della salute.
Per i cani e i gatti, quindi, la dieta a base di carne cruda rimane l’orizzonte nutrizionale da perseguire.

Beyond gut feelings: how the gut microbiota regulates blood pressure

Nature Reviews Cardiology (2017) doi:10.1038/nrcardio.2017.120. Published online 24 August 2017.

Hypertension is the leading risk factor for heart disease and stroke, and is estimated to cause 9.4 million deaths globally every year. The pathogenesis of hypertension is complex, but lifestyle factors such as diet are important contributors to the disease. High dietary intake of fruit and vegetables is associated with reduced blood pressure and lower cardiovascular mortality. A critical relationship between dietary intake and the composition of the gut microbiota has been described in the literature, and a growing body of evidence supports the role of the gut microbiota in the regulation of blood pressure. In this Review, we describe the mechanisms by which the gut microbiota and its metabolites, including short-chain fatty acids, trimethylamine N-oxide, and lipopolysaccharides, act on downstream cellular targets to prevent or contribute to the pathogenesis of hypertension. These effects have a direct influence on tissues such as the kidney, the endothelium, and the heart. Finally, we consider the role of the gut microbiota in resistant hypertension, the possible intergenerational effect of the gut microbiota on blood pressure regulation, and the promising therapeutic potential of gut microbiota modification to improve health and prevent disease.



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