Does homeopathy work? These research studies say yes. Esistono studi sull’efficacia dell’Omeopatia? Alcune ricerche dicono di si.

The National Center for Homeopathy in the United States has a large index of studies related to the use of homeopathy. You can access them HERE
A large data base, with links to research studies involving the use of homeopathy, can be found HERE
A PDF file published by the Banerji Clinic in India Homeopathy: Treatment of Cancer with the Banerji Protocols
Another resource for published articles about the benefits of homeopathy is HERE
1.   Homeopathic Nux vomica & Calendula are potent inhibitors of H. pylori for the treatment of human gastritis.
2.   Homeopathic Coffea Cruda & Nux vomica improve mood & depression in adults who suffer from coffee related insomnia.
3.   It is possible to record the response of homeopathic medicines on physiologic parameters of the human autonomic nervous system.
4.   Homoeopathic Arnica montana reduces DNA damage in Escherichia coli exposed to ultraviolet irradiation.
5.   Homeopathy integrative nanomedicine: “homeopathic remedies could initiate anticancer effects”.
6.   Using classical homeopathic treatment “patients with psoriasis improved in symptoms and quality of life.” In addition, “conventional treatment and health service use were considerably reduced.”
7.   A case series: Treatment with homeopathy for premenstrual syndrome (PMS) “seemed to have a positive impact on PMS symptoms”.
8.   Treatment with homeopathic Causticum showed a significant inhibition of pre-induced Carrageen (or Carrageenan) inflammation & edema in rats.
9.   When the usual conventional treatment failed, properly prescribed homeopathy was able to cure this severe case of nasal aspergillosis in a 6 y.o. dog
10.   Study concludes that homeopathic Thymulin 5cH could be a viable method to improve productivity in poultry production. Agrohomeopathy.
11.   Scientific provings of ultra-high-dilution (UHD) homeopathy on humans repeatedly allows separation of placebo vs verum (a.k.a. “true”) symptoms.
12.   Homeopathic treatment to promote peripheral nerve regeneration in rats was “faster & clearly more positive” than in the control group.
13.   Study proves homeopathy “can be used as a complement to conventional anti-tubercular treatment with beneficial results”.
14.   The use of homeopathic treatment for tonsillitis revealed both a subjective & objective “significant decrease in symptoms”.
15.   Study of treatment with homeopathic Arnica status-post carpal-tunnel release surgery documented a more “significant reduction in pain after two weeks.”
16.   Study of four homeopathic remedies revealed a maximum ability to inhibit the growth of Aspergillus niger fungus.
17.   Homeopathic Crotalus horridus 200C proved as effective as Dimiazine in the treatment of tick-borne Babesiosis in dogs.
18.   This study concluded that homeopathic remedies have anti-cancer properties & immune system boosting effects in experimental animals.
19.   Professor Edzard Ernst concludes “the evidence supports the use of homeopathic remedies over placebo in osteoarthritis & rheumatoid arthritis”.
20.   Further demonstrations in homeopathic research with animal models that there are “biological effects of homeopathy”.
21.   Homeopathic remedies with anti-neoplastic (anti cancer) properties have immuno-modulatory effects in animals.
22.   The homeopathic remedy Tarantula cubensis was able to partially neutralize the deleterious effects of Aflatoxin effects in rats.
23.   This study concludes the “use of homeopathy may be able to treat a considerable number multi-morbid patients at lower costs than conventional medicine”.
24.   Proof that homeopathy improves B1 cell activation & Leishmania phagocytosis (efficiency) in infected mice.
25.   Proof that homeopathy is more effective for treatment of children with sub-clinical hypothyroidism with & without autoimmune thyroiditis.
26.   Homeopathic “Lappa has shown positive effects in the treatment of acne (vulgaris) especially the inflammatory type.”
27.   Homeopathic China rubra 7CH limited side effects of quinine used 2 treat malaria in pregnant women.
28.   This study showed anti-proliferative effect of homeopathic medicines on human kidney colon & breast cancer cells.
29.   Homeopathy complex Datif-PC(®) suggests treatment of anxiety & sleep disorders “can produce notable improvements.”
30.   “Homeopathic B. vulgaris has strong anti-urolithiasis potential at an ultra-diluted dose.”
31.   Use of homeopathy for otitis media with effusion shows decreased antibiotic use in children and It’s COST EFFECTIVE.
32.   Proof that homeopathy treatment shows a statistically significant reduction allergic skin diameter wheal size in cat allergic adults.
33.   With two homeopathic remedies for PMS, the
participants reported “significantly improved quality of life.”
34.   Homeopathy aggravations using Q & LM potencies “seems to be associated with better treatment outcomes.”
35.   A study of homeopathic Calendula officinalis on human gingival fibroblasts showed positive reproducible effects.
36.   Proof that homeopathic treatment for idiopathic trigeminal neuralgia reduced pain intensity by more than 60%.
37.   Proof that physiotherapy & homeopathy were more effective than placebo for lower back pain due to osteoarthritis.
38.   Proof that homeopathy can replace the use of antibiotics. “Piglets of the homeopathic treated group had significantly less E. coli diarrhoea.”
39.   For mild & moderate clinical bovine mastitis, homeopathic treatment was superior to antibiotic treatment.
40.   For acute respiratory and ear complaints, with homeopathic treatment the “onset of improvement with homeopathy was faster.”
41. Significantly more patients than control group 77.1% vs 61.7% reported improvement in 3 days with homeopathic Engystol.
42.   Homeopathic vs standard care for glue ear in children “antibiotic consumption was lower in the homoeopathy group.”
43.   Antibiotic use for infectious diseases in pigs is of concern to consumers. This study proved that that homeopathy was more effective.
44.   In a study of childhood acute otitis media, the homeopathy treated group had less pain, recovered faster and had fewer relapses.
45.   Proof that patients with Xerostomia (dry mouth) did better with homeopathy which “could be a valuable adjunct.”
46.   A homeopathic China & Chelidonium combination showed “complete parasite clearance” of the lethal malaria parasite.
47.   There was a “trend towards less narcotic use in the homeopathy treated group of young patients with mucositis” caused by chemotherapy.
48.   Homeopathic Arsinicucm Album 30C “reduced arsenic toxicity” & DNA damage therefore validating the efficacy of ultra high dilution.
49.   Study “results suggest homeopathic treatment is an effective & safe method in the treatment of minor aphthous ulcers.”
50.   128 women w/ dysmenorrhea experienced improvement with homeopathy and the “use of other health services decreased.”
51.   For motility-related variables, there was a trend toward superiority of homeopathy for acute symptomatic tendinopathy.
52.   Homeopathy had maximal anti-inflammatory effect for the treatment of inflammatory periodontal diseases.
53.   Homeopathic Euphorbium compositum & its components has proven anti-viral activity in nasal mucosa & sinuses.
54.   Study of Egyptian asthmatic children revealed “absolute improvements after 6 months of treatment by homeopathic medicines.”
55.  Rebound action of acid suppressing drugs “Findings support Hahnemann’s concept of secondary action of drugs.”
56.   Of 455 patients treated via homeopathy, 32.5% stopped or substantially reduced their conventional drug use.
57.   In France family physicians are main source of information on homeopathy to treat side effects of chemotherapy in children.
58.   “Sweeping statements about the scientific impossibility of homeopathy are themselves unscientific.”
59.   1,972 patients documented prescriptions & [positive] clinical outcomes in West Bengal, India homeopathic hospital.
60.   Proven efficacy & safety of fixed-combination homeopathic (Sinusitis PMD) therapy for sinusitis.
61.   Patients with influenza-like syndromes treated via homeopathy recovered in less time than the placebo treated group.
62.   Proof that supports prior research suggesting individualized homeopathy treatment can benefit cancer survivors.
63.   90% of patients treated for acute rhinosinusitis via homeopathy were symptom free; whereas the placebo group had no change.
64.   Proof that homeopathy for acute viral tonsillitis offers “earlier symptom resolution, cost-effectiveness & fewer adverse effects.”
65.   Anti homeopathy political activists won’t understand this, but homeopaths & their cured patients will.
66.   Confirmation by CT (computed tomography), homeopathic remedies where shown to increase bone mineralization in chickens. Will this be applicable to osteoporosis in the elderly?
67.   Proof that homeopathic Calcarea carbonica induced apoptosis (death) of cancer cells via “a two step mechanism.”
68.   Homeopathic Passiflora Compose could be an alternative to psychotropic drugs for first intention treatment of anxiety & SDS.
69.   Homeopathic Anax-i exerts antidepressant, anxiolytic & analgesic-like effects, promoting hyperlocomotion & weight loss.
70.   Homeopathic inhaled M1 is an efficient & cost effective candidate for metastatic melanoma cancer patients.
71.   Treating pediatric tonsillo-pharyngitis via homeopathy could reduce the need for costly antibiotics.
72.   Cytotoxic effects of ultra-diluted remedies on
breast cancer cells.
73.   This Study concluded that two homeopathic remedies could act “as complementary & alternative medicine in liver cancer therapy”.
74.   Homeopathic Arnica montana given after tonsillectomy provides a small, but statistically significant, decrease in pain scores compared to placebo.
75.   This study of migraines in children treated with homeopathy concluded there was a significant decrease in the frequency, severity, and duration of migraine attacks which then reduced absenteeism from school.
76.   Canadian cardiologist encourages more study of homeopathy & integrative medicine asking:
“Can we go green too?”
77.   In over a 12 month time period, musculoskeletal disease patients treated with homeopathy were able to reduce their use of NSAIDS by over 50%.
78.   Research study proves large-scale application of highly-diluted bacteria for Leptospirosis epidemic control in Cuba to be effective in controlling the disease.
79.   Individualized homeopathic treatment was associated with significant alleviation of hay fever symptoms, enabling the reduction in use of conventional treatment.
80.   In a 15 year study of 4,000 cancer patients, homeopathy reduced the adverse side effects caused by chemotherapy which allowed it to be resumed and/or continued.
81.   In a study involving terminally ill cancer patients, some patients treated with homeopathic Ruta graveolens had “a transitory improvement in their Quality of Life.”
82.   212 adult patients with a 10 to 15 year history of migraines were treated with homeopathy by 67 physicians. Migraine severity lessened after 24 months. “Quality of life improved accordingly and the use of conventional treatment and “health services decreased markedly.”
83.   In a study of treatment using homeopathy for diabetes, there was evidence of a slight decrease of fasting blood glucose and glycated haemoglobin in the homeopathic group. Quality of life scores showed an improvement in the homeopathic group only. And, the cost of conventional drugs decreased in Homeopathic group from 114 euro/month to 94 euro/month
84.   “Classic homeopathic treatment represents an effective treatment for low back pain and other diagnoses. It improves health-related quality of life (QoL) and reduces the use of other healthcare services.”
85.   “This study suggests that homeopathic ear drops were moderately effective in treating otalgia (ear pain) in children with AOM (acute otitis media)and may be most effective in the early period after a diagnosis of AOM. Pediatricians and other primary health care providers should consider homeopathic ear drops a useful adjunct to standard therapy”.
86.   “Homeopathic therapy was found to be useful in relieving menopausal distressing symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety, palpitation, depression, insomnia, and so on.”
87.   Research study of 128 patients with painful menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhea) improved after homeopathic treatment.
88.   “The main reasons for seeking CAM were: the wish of avoiding chronic use of drugs with their related side effects, the desire of an integrated approach, and the reported inefficacy of conventional medicine.”
89.   “Lycopodium 30c exerted a moderate hepatoprotective (liver protective) effect on acute paracetamol-induced hepatitis (liver inflammation), mainly shown by a histological decrease in necrosis (cell death) and inflammatory foci(focus).
89.   “This study suggests that homeopathic Lycopodium may be used as a drug of choice in condition of memory impairment due to its beneficial effect on cerebral blood flow.
90.   “These findings suggest that homeopathic Guaiacum officinale possesses anti-rheumatic and anti-oxidant activity in experimental animal models.” Additionally, “these activities may be more significant in higher potencies.”
91.   “This study supports claims in the homeopathic literature on the role of Rhus tox and its ultra dilutions in the treatment of arthritis and associated pain. Further study is needed to explain this anti-arthritic effect of Rhus tox.”
92.   Treatment of cancer cell lines with homeopathic Psorinum showed greater anticancer effects in A549 cells than in others.
93.   “Overall, the findings of this preclinical study clearly delineated the molecular mechanism underlying the apoptogenic effect (causing cell death) of the non-toxic homeopathic remedy, sulphur, in the non-small cell lung cancer cells.”

94.   “Homeopathic Chelidonium majus showed anti tumor effect in rats after artificially induced liver (hepato) tumors and toxicity.”
95.   Inhibition of chemically induced carcinogenesis by drugs used in homeopathic medicine.
96.   The mother tincture (MT) and 30C potency of homeopathic Nux vomica (poison nut) “could reduce ethanol intake in rats & is thoughtto produce ethanol aversion in rats.”
97.   An evaluation of homeopathic Coffea cruda effect on rats. “The results indicate that an enhancement in EEG slow delta activity is associated with Coffea cruda.”
98.   Study conclusion: Homeopathic Berbaris vulgaris can prevent kidney stone formation (renal calculi) noting that “It has strong anti-urolithiasis potential at ultra-diluted doses.”
99.   “The neurologists’ trial evaluation showed a statistically significant reduction in migraine headache attack frequency in the homeopathy group.
100.   “The current study reports the anticancer activity of homeopathic preparations of Terminalia chebula (TC) against breast cancer and reveals their nanoparticulate nature. These preliminary results warrant further mechanistic studies at both in vitro and in vivo levels to evaluate the potential of TC as nanomedicine in breast cancer.”
101.   “A homeopathic nosode, Hepatitis C 30 demonstrates anticancer effect against liver cancer cells.”
102.   Homeopathic remedies showed significant improvement in seborrheic dermatitis; a.k.a. dandruff & cradle cap in babies after 10 weeks. No need to use over the counter toxic shampoos.
103.   Effectiveness and Safety of Homeopathic Arnica montana in Post-Surgical Setting,for control of Pain and Inflammation.
104.   Case reports define a sufficient basis for discussing the possible benefits of homeopathy for patients suffering from fibromyalgia syndrome.
105.   Two areas of future research likely to bear fruit are demonstrating robust evidence for the effect of acupoint pressure on post-operative pain, and quantifying the positive effect of homeopathic Arnica on post-operative swelling.
106.   In France, homeopathy is widely accepted for the treatment of influenza like illness (ILI) and does not preclude the use of allopathic medications. However, patients treated with homeopathic medications ONLY are more satisfied with their treatment than other patients.
107.   Homeopathic syrup in the treatment of cold symptoms in young children The homeopathic syrup appeared to be effective in reducing the severity of cold symptoms in the first day after beginning treatment.
108.   Individualized homeopathic treatment can provoke a good response in patients with chronic skin disease; therefore, the holistic approach used in homeopathy may be a useful strategy alongside conventional treatment.
109.   Homoeopathic medicinal treatment of autism The positive results are stunning! The researchers’ conclusions: “Significant positive & curative response with homeopathic medicines in subjects of ASD was found, suggesting that homeopathic medicines can prvide for cure for abnormal behavioral problems in ASD children.”
110.   Use of Complementary Medicine in Patients with Advanced Prostate Cancer: 2 Case Reports “We report the successful use of the homeopathic remedy Thlaspi bursa pastoris in 2 patients for whom conventional treatment was not sufficiently effective.”
111.   Adjunctive homeopathic therapy is a promising treatment option in patients with complex bowel dysfunction after abdominal surgery who do not adequately respond to conventional treatment.
112.   Re-analysis of survival data of cancer patients utilizing additive homeopathy. “The results of this retrospective study suggest that patients with advanced stages of cancer might benefit from additional homeopathic treatment until a survival time of up to 12 months after diagnosis.”
113.   A comparative consecutive case series of 20 children with a diagnosis of ADHD receiving homeopathic treatment ,compared with 10 children receiving usual care. “Treatment by a homeopath was associated with sustained, increasing improvements and the intervention was acceptable to participants.”
114.   Use of homeopathy in organic dairy farming in Spain. “Homeopathic therapies seem to be an alternative for reducing antibiotic treatments, allowing farmers to meet the organic farming principles.”
115.   Research study of intubated ICU patients were helped by the use of Homeopathy “These data suggest that potentized (diluted and vigorously shaken) potassium dichromate may help to decrease the amount of stringy tracheal secretions in COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) patients.”
116.   HIV patients improved via homeopathic nosode with an “increased CD4 count, weight gain, relief of symptoms and improved health status.”
117.   “The findings of this preclinical study clearly delineated the molecular mechanism underlying the apoptogenic (causing cell death) effect of the non-toxic homeopathic remedy, sulphur, in non-small cell lung carcinoma.”
118.   This study demonstrated the pro-apoptotic & anti-angiogenic properties of homeopathic Thuja occidentalis on glioblastoma.
119.   Homeopathic “Hepatitis C 30C has demonstrable anticancer effects against liver cancer cells in vitro”
120.   Homeopathic Rhus tox had immuno-stimulatory activity in both its crude and homeopathically diluted forms.
121.   Of 1,959 people in one district of Brazil homeopathy used as prophylaxis against Dengue fever “decreased incidence by 81.5%”
122.   Homeopathic research study results “validate the anti-cancer potential of Conium & provide support for its use”
123.   In this study, the homeopathically treated group of upper respiratory tract infection pediatric patients, there was less use of medication, patient’s symptoms resolved earlier and disease severity was significantly less
124.   In patients with upper respiratory tract infections, “The use of antibiotics was reduced upon treatment with the complex homeopathic medications”
125.   The interest in the use of homeopathy by dairy farmers worldwide is growing.
126.   The first integrative medicine hospital in Italy has used homeopathy for the past three years for inpatients with positive results
127.   Homeopathic ZinCyp-3-02 was found to be safe & superior to comparator glycine for treatment of children with sleep disorders.
128.   For acute respiratory and ear complaints improvement status-post homeopathic treatment was “significantly faster for both children and adults.”
129. &nbsp: Homeopathic Camilia® for teething babies is frequently used by pediatricians in France
130.   These research “study results confirm homeopathic medicine produces a positive therapeutic response in atopic children”
131.   Using classical homeopathic treatment “hemorrhoids patients improved considerably in symptom severity & anoscopic scores”
132.   Arnica montana seems to accelerate postoperative healing, with quicker resolution of the extent and the intensity of ecchymosis after osteotomies in rhinoplasty surgery,which may dramatically affect patient satisfaction.
133.   “Our updated review of the past 5 years, we found further demonstrations of the biological effects of homeopathy”
134.   “364 patients with sleeping disorders who consulted GPs certified in homeopathy consumed less psychotropic drugs”
135.   To treat menopausal symptoms, homeopathic treatment “performed better than fluoxetine when scored by Greene Climacteric Scale.”
136.   In upper respiratory tract infections with fever, homeopathic treatment shortened the course of the illness and lessened the need for symptom relief medications.
137.   Homeopathic Pascallerg® “useful option in treatment of Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis in children & adults”
138.   This study concludes that homeopathic Sabal serrulata is worthy of further study for treating prostate pathology, including cancer
139.   Homeopathic ear drops effectively reduce the need for antibiotic use in children with acute otitis media
140.   Homeopathic medicines Coffea cruda and Nux vomica in 30c potencies alter short-term nonlinear dynamic parameters of slow wave sleep EEG in healthy young adults
141.   Preliminary data supports topical homeopathic Calendula use for acute dermatitis during radiation treatments for cancer
142.   Research study results prove that homeopathic use “minimized the number of flu & acute respiratory infection symptomatic episodes in children”
143.   A research study with 1-1/2 year follow-up of patients concluded that homeopathic treatment “provides significant local & systemic improvement in dental patients with periodontitis”
144.   In a study of homeopathy for treatment of patients with upper respiratory tract infections, the scientists concluded that there were “statistically significant differences in favour of the homeopathic treated cases”
145.   Use of homeopathy in emergency rooms, wards & Intensive Care Units of conventional hospitals in Austria & Israel
146.   Homeopathic medicine may have a positive effect in preventing respiratory tract infections.
147.   Homeopathy had “significant anti-inflammatory & pain-relieving qualities in children with acute viral tonsillitis”
148.   Use of homeopathy showed significant changes in T & B cell balance even after an influenza antigen challenge
149.   In this study homeopathic Guaiacum officinale had anti-rheumatic & anti-oxidant activity in an experimental animal model.
150.   Study homeopathic Arnica patch provided marked relief in cellulitis-derived pain & numbness in hands
151.   Homeopathy & integrative medicine could provide different approaches to treatment of low-grade chronic inflammation Studies assessing inflammatory markers in chronic integrative treatments are recommended.
152.   Research study validates the anticancer activity of homeopathic Terminalia chebula on breast cancer cells
153.   Minimal doses of homeopathic treatment used in 68 patients resulted in a statistically valid stable reduction of hyperglycemia and glucosuria. Stable subcompensation and compensation of DM allowed the patient to decrease the dose of sugar reducing drugs.
154.   Cytotoxic effects of ultra-diluted homeopathic remedies on breast cancer cells.


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