European Congress for Homeopathy ECH – Vienna, 17-19 Novembre 2016

ech congress 2016
European Congress for Homeopathy ECH – Vienna, 17-19 Novembre 2016
Il Congresso ECH 2016 offre una nuova piattaforma internazionale per presentare e discutere di ricerca e clinica nel campo dell’omeopatia. Saranno in programma eventi per professionisti, sessioni scientifiche e tavole rotonde con esperti.
Il Dr. David Bettio sarà presente con una relazione di un caso clinico di osteosarcoma in un cane trattato con l’omeopatia. 
The ECH Congress 2016 offers a new international platform to present and discuss recent research and examples of best practice in the field of homeopathy.
Practice-oriented events for beginners and experienced practitioners, will be on the programme, as well as scientific sessions and panel discussions with experts. Subsequently, there will be interactive discussions within the ECH expert working groups.
The first ECH Congress celebrates 200 years of homeopathy in Central Europe, highlighting the importance of homeopathy through the ages for all ages and the learning together of those who treat humans and animals.
Hosted at the Imperial Riding School Renaissance Vienna Hotel, located in the centre of Vienna, the most important national and European stakeholders in homeopathy will come together.
An invitation from the Mayor to the spectacular Vienna City Hall for dinner will be a fantastic opportunity for networking.
On behalf of ECH, IAVH, EFHPA and the local organising committee, it is our pleasure to welcome you to Vienna from 17-19 November, 2016.



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